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Benedict Cumberbatch + The making of.

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What is dead may

                                           n e v e r   d i e ! 

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You’re the butcher  or you’re the cattle.

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That was me, respecting you.
Oh my god, really, was it? Yeah, well, respected is not how I feel.

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Alexander Siddig as Doran Martell in Game of Thrones Season 5

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"I remember on the first day of shooting being struck by the way he smoked a cigarette. We weren’t sure how much he was going to smoke yet, but I had made some comment early on – because he doesn’t smoke and is very healthy – where I said, ‘Just make sure you don’t smoke it like a high-school girl.’ He must have taken that as a challenge because by the first day of filming he was smoking a cigarette like it was a joint." - Cary Fukunaga, True Detective director and producer (x)

Benedict Cumberbatch for Out Magazine (x).

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What are you thinking? What will we do to each other?

What are you thinking? What will we do to each other?

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"So Steve, how did you and Sue meet?"

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34-35/100 pictures of Michael Fassbender.


I wonder how Jesse Pinkman is doing

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